Rules of Engagement

The organisers of the Great Dog Walk Together are not responsible for the delivery of the walks however the following recommendations are made in the best interest of the animals, their owners and the safety of the people they are walking with

They are as follows:

  • All dogs must be on a lead unless you are walking in an area which allows dogs to be let off their leads.
  • Please keep to the approved footpaths.
  • It is the responsibility of all participants, should their dog foul, to clean it up. Please dispose of your dog litter in a responsible manner i.e. deposit in a litter bin en route or take home and deposit later.
  • Any dog listed as dangerous breeds or ill-tempered must be muzzled.
  • There is no limit to the number of people that wish to walk one or more dogs, e.g. one dog can have 20 walkers. However for safety reasons we recommend that one person walks a maximum of 4 dogs.
  • Respect other people, their dogs and their need for space. If you have no voice control over your dog please keep them on a lead. Some people do not like dogs jumping up at them.
  • Livestock and horses- Large groups of people can unsettle livestock and horses so please avoid animals if at all possible.  Please keep dogs on a short lead and keep your distance.
  • Extra care must be taken when crossing roads.  It is advisable for the group leader to go ahead and halt traffic to allow the group to cross the road safely.
  • Emphasis is on “Safety at all times!”
  • Emphasis is on participation and enjoyment.

Failure to comply with the above, especially dog fouling, may result in future Great Dog Walk Together walks being cancelled, so please act responsibly.